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kira ariel smith

berkshire county, ma

Welcome to Smith and Spindle. My name is Kira Ariel Smith - artist and activist. My art is my voice and how I navigate the dysfunction of this life.

My work is centered around self-love, confidence and social issues. Above all - I believe in kindness, truth and community. Together we can learn and grow from each other. 

I believe in crafting a life, art and business that supports small, local, sustainable systems with a focus on empowering and uplifting others. My philosophy is to encourage and provide support to the people around me.

Please browse my projects, take a peek at my shop and feel free to contact me for commissions and/or collaborations! 

10% off all of my 2018 sales will be donated to American Civil Liberties Union.  By purchasing my work you are voting with your dollar and we all know the dollar is what speaks in 'merica. 10% of your purchase will go directly to the ACLU and the other 90% goes to supporting a small, female lead business. Uplifting, empowering and sharing only makes us all stronger and better. Community over competition is essential.