smith and spindle
kira ariel smith

get involved

want to be drawn? need some body positive art in your life?

projects are donation based in order to keep projects as open to as many people as possible. art is for everyone, loving yourself and your body is for everyone also. donate what you can afford and remember interacting and sharing on social media is free and always helps artist like myself! 

how to get involved: 

  • take your photos -
    • use the self timer or have a friend take the photos
    • whole body, just the chest, tits, butt, legs, you do you!
    • clothes, no clothes, just undies? up to you - whatever makes you comfortable
    • make sure your pictures are well lit, daylight is usually best
    • feel free to send a few different pictures for me to choose from if you can't decide
  • donate - at the bottom of this page is a donation button. click on this button and follow the directions, donating as little or as much as you would like. things to consider when donating - 
    • artists time - being an artist is a job and we contribute positively to the economy
    • being drawn - this is an original, one of a kind piece of art work with an important message of love and acceptance 
    • cost of your print and shipping - to print and ship a print in the USA, costs about $18. International shipping is even more expensive. 
  • email -  
    • send an email to with the following info:
      • full name
      • donation amount
      • shipping address (for your print)
      • nudes/pictures
      • optional: include a short story and/or your IG handle if you'd like to be tagged
      • IMPORTANT: all images you send to me are completely confidential. they are private and will never be shared. 
  • await confirmation
    • once i receive your email/images and donation i will send you a confirmation email along with a date in which your sketch will be completed. 

please send me a message if you have any questions!

in order to protect myself as an artist, i reserve the right to turn away any and all inappropriate pictures. your donation will be refunded promptly.

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