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Loving the skin you're in takes a lot of work. We are taught that in order to love our bodies we have to be this one perfect body type that is defined by social constraints and marketers instead of real life. There are ZERO people out there that meet this ideal (if there was there wouldn't be photo shop and airbrushing). So what are we going to do about it?

We can keep feeling bad about our bodies, keep judging and picking ourselves apart OR we can take control of the narrative and learn to love our bodies for the glorious forms of life that they truly are. Imagine the possibilities of lives lead by love and self confidence?

Learning to love yourself for who you are doesn't mean you that you can't change something you don't like about yourself. It doesn't mean it will completely change your world but it's a start and an important one at that. 

The #realbodyproject is the next step in the #100daytitsketch project except this will last as long as its needed, included every body and the whole body. In order to keep this project anonymous and to help us identify with each other as much as possible; I will not be including faces. This is an all inclusive project and that means anyone can join as long as you're 18 years or older (legal stuff). This project liberates and celebrates diversity while changing peoples perception of our amazing bodies. 

I will be using a range of different mediums for this project from sketching, to digital art. It will mainly depend on the photos being sent.  

Click here to get involved. This is a donation based project, meaning, if you would like to be drawn you can submit as little or as much as you'd like to be drawn, you will also receive an 8" x 10" fine art print, shipped directly to your door. This project aims to keep submissions as inclusive as possible and that is the reason that there is no fixed commission rate. This project will be posted on Instagram and other venues.

You can follow this project here and on my Instagram @smithandspindle #realbodyproject